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Spare Room ? Debating what to do with it? Always dreamed of a walk in wardrobe ?

Walk in wardrobes used to be for the rich and famous but are fast becoming a modern families must have. Every girls and guys (in this era) dream of having a room filled with there favourite clothes, shoes, bags and designer items. Having a walk in wardrobe gives you a sense of shopping every time you have to get ready.

Questions to ask yourself before getting a walk in wardrobe installed:

- Have you got the space - This doesn't necessarily have to be a whole room but just enough room to be able to physically walk in to (we'll do the rest)

- Have you got enough clothes and shoes to fill a walk in wardrobe - there is nothing worse than having a large personalised walk in wardrobe if you've got loads of empty shelves.

- Will it add value to the property.

- What would you have in it: Mirrors (obviously) Jewellery display case, dressing table, Make up drawer, His and hers ? the possibilities are endless but all things you need to think about.

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