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What does a mirror do for you & your home ???

Whether your a selfie addict, trying to make a room feel bigger or simply just want a large mirror in the house then adding it to your wardrobe is defiantly the way forward. Not only do you save on yet more holes in the wall but by adding it to your wardrobe you can get ready or try on outfits without having to walk half way across the room to see what it looks like.

Top Tips:

- Mirrors in any shape or size create depth to any size of room and therefore make the area feel larger.

- Hanging a mirror opposite the door entrance will allow you to see the reflection of the hallway making a room feel longer.

- Putting a mirror opposite a window will draw in more light and effectively heat up a room (easier said than done in England)

- Choose a focal point in the room and angle the mirror towards it, by doing this you create more depth using natural and artificial light.

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